The Framework

This learning framework translates the big question, Who Do I Want To Become? and  positions student self-actualization and self-leadership as the driving force of the educational experience. It provides teachers, students, parents and guardians a tool for instructional design, learning and at-home support.


Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan demonstrates the use of the framework in a classroom setting. A sample lesson is provided for each grade level from  Kindergarten to Grade 6. Sample lesson plans for Kindergarten and Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 make explicit connections to the book Who Do I Want to Become?,  and sample lessons for Grades 5 and 6 make explicit connections to a workshop available for teachers. Taken together, the lessons demonstrate  how teachers can cover curriculum expectations effectively while benefiting from the message of the narrative. Please note: lesson plans were created in accordance to the Ontario Curriculum.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3


We’ve created a comprehensive curriculum map which illustrates the integration of the book, framework and a set of specific expectations from the Ontario K-6 curriculum. To receive a copy of the complete curriculum map, please e-mail

I want to be brave. I am a gymnast and every week I am working to perfect my skills on beam, bars, and vault. Some things are hard but I keep practicing.
I want to be someone who is fearless.
— Alexa, Age 8

Rumeet Billan’s charming book encourages children to think about their values and the impact they want to have on the world. Who Do I Want to Become? is a playful, entertaining read that helps differentiate between the things we do and the kind of person we choose to be. This book places value on one’s character instead of one’s job title – an important distinction to make, and an important concept for children to understand.
— Heather Moyse, 2-time Olympic gold medalist, empowerment specialist, and author of Redefining ‘Realistic’